About me

My name is Naomi Schut. I often use my artist name Tosasmok to promote my art. I am fond of animals and am very happy to own a germanshepherd dog, a tosa inu and a bengal cat, a friesian horse and a shetland pony. The story of our tosa inu that is called Smok, ( Dragon ) inspired me to choose this name for my instagram account and later I started to use it for all my art related accounts.

I'm always learning and trying out new methods and materials, but I love to draw with ballpoint pens ( Staedtler ) and coloured pencils ( Faber Castell ). I also paint with oil paint ( Rembrandt ). An art supplies store is my "Disneyland"!

Fairytales, animals and music always inspire me.

I started creating art for others by illustrating a childrens book about a butterfly called Vivian. Later I met a woman that was very talented in making iPhone and iPad apps for children and I have worked with her on two apps illustrating them, one was about a little chicken that got the flu and how he got better because of the loving care of his mother, the other one was to teach children about traffic.

I also made illustrations for the elementary school in my home town. The illustrations had to match with the school logo.

These projects were really fun to do and I hope to do more of them in the future.