Pink Flamingo

As an artist I love to try new mediums to create art with.

This Pink Flamingo has been drawn with coloured ballpoint pens from Staedtler.

In October 2015 I have had the honour to have my flamingo drawing shown at a convention in Nuremberg ( Germany ) at the display stand of Staedtler. We visited the convention and met the friendly people of Staedtler, it was a beautiful day! Thank you Staedtler!

The drawing was shown at the art fair in Amsterdam, the ADAF, and found a new home.

The Deer and the Horses are part of a collection of drawings that have been drawn with a blue ballpoint pen. The collection of Sporthorses will grow in time, and also the Deer will be part of a collection of forest animals so stay tuned to see the other drawings that will be posted.

Also coloured ballpoint pens are amazing to draw with. My favourite pens for drawing are Staedtler's ball 432 M.

I'm very fond of pens and the effect you can create with ink and paper!

My main theme is the animal world! The wonderful thing about being an artist is that there is no limit to what you can create, everything is possible.